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Room acoustics optimized by TOPAKUSTIK® - improved concentration!

Rooms in which conversations take place need to have a shorter echo time in general than rooms that are mainly used for musical performances. Especially in school rooms where the main issue is the understanding of spoken words, a short echo time is of great importance. The noise level should be low.

Learning is only possible in a quiet environment.

The echo time in a classroom with a room volume of 250 m³ should be 0.6 s in occupied condition (meaning in a frequency range between 500 Hz and 1000 Hz). If the ceiling is fully panelled, this value is easy to reach. However, attention must be paid that the echo time is not too short by far, as rooms with a too short echo time are just as unpleasant as those with too long echo times.

Good acoustics in school rooms promote the understandability of speech