Topakustik Cafe, bars, restaurants

Room acoustics optimized with TOPAKUSTIK® promotes the satisfaction of the guests!

The size of the room, the intended usage, and the acoustic requirements must be considered in the acoustic planning of a room. At the beginning of the project the use of the room is determined, based on which the ideal echo times depending on the room volume are defined. Optimized room acoustics in dining rooms and restaurants promotes the satisfaction of the guests.

Hearing yourself speak again

Poor room acoustics make conversations among guests difficult due to a high noise level and excludes people with hearing aids. In most cases there is enough space for room acoustic measures, as lighting, ventilation and speakers can be smoothly integrated into an acoustic ceiling without a problem.

Personal conversations – A thing of privacy!

Personal conversations become more pleasant through room acoustic measures. The person at the next table must not necessarily listen in on your private issues! The TOPAKUSTIK solutions make sure that your restaurant / gastronomy area turns into a customer magnet and gastronomy oasis. Next to good cuisine, the atmosphere and ambience are most important for satisfied guests!