Ordering Information TOP)A)K)U)S)T)I)K)®

Detailed instruction of your TOP) A) K) U) S) T) I) K)® choice!
1.First of all it is necessary to be defined with a covering kind of Panels:
Veneer Color coating Laminate
Topakustik wall panels with natural wood veneer. Veneer processed in small batches  keept its natural color and texture. Outside it is varnished with high quality lacquer. A high quality, clear, flat varnish is provided on all orders unless otherwise specified. Light kinds of wood such as maple or birch are varnished with a slight lightening effect as a matter of principle. Matching is available for any manufacturer‘s color specification (RAL / NCS / ...). The application is done with the latest generation spray robotics, providing a guaranteed even application. Due to the grooves and bores of the products, the color appearance is different from that on smooth surfaces. If TOPAKUSTIK products are finished by the client, please remember that an even paint application, even in the grooves, is absolutely necessary for a good final result. Acoustic panels covered with melamine foil. Externally, it is almost indistinguishable from natural materials such as wood, stone, etc.Click here  to see Melamine catalog

Select a surface and a perforation to personalize your product.
Here you can design your personal product and compare them. Just choose a surface and a perforation.

2. Your next step, must to be the choice of  fire protection class of the material:
Resap (totally non fired material) (KM0 - on Russian Standarts)
B1 - hard-flammable (KM1 - on Russian Standarts)
B2 - moderate-flammable (KM2 - on Russian Standarts)
Click here to see our Russian Certificates

3. Depending on the size type of performance you also need to choose:

- Lamelles (Planks) - thanks to the precise tongue and groove connection, planks result in an attractive surface with a joint-free appearance, because the connecting joint matches the dimension of the grooves. The planks permit simple and flexible assembly.They can be installed by stapling to a timber batten or clamping to a T-bar withTOPAKUSTIK clips.
The advantages of the planks at a glance:
a)precise groove and ridge connection 
b)simple assembly 
c)seemingly joint-less surface 
d)adequate for assembly on a slatted frame or substructure

- Panels -  are used for removable or fixed ceilings and walls with visible joints. Topakustik panel - used to Dismantle surfaces or structural ceiling and the walls. The large width (compared to the lamellae) that produced binding seam between the panels to prevent the material expansion. The panels can be equipped with different trim. Can be used for the rear wall cabinets or for room dividers.
The advantages of the panels at a glance:
a)simple to assemble/dissemble 
b)ideal for structured ceiling and wall panelling 
c)possible with different edges 
d)perfect for closet fronts or room dividers

4. We will be also very pleased to you, in case you will also sent us plan of the building  (with its type: apartment, office, restaurant, disco, bowling, fitness center, cinema, theater, hotel, medical facilities, sports facilities,  recording studio etc.), the area and the number of square meters of panels you need. This way you will help us - easier determine the acoustic characteristics of the building.

5.Installation rules of Topakustik panels

6. Panels price 
Price on  Topakustik panels  is  higher than on Topakustik Lamellen (Planks).
According to the type of cover the price decreases in the following order:
- veneer
- paint
- laminate
The degree of fire affect the price of panels as follows (Price High to Low): A1 - Resap - KM0; B1 - MDF - KM1; B2 - MDF - KM3